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Five top tips to marketing your business in 2021.

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Hello all, so if 2020 taught us anything (other than how to sing a song to wash our hands) it was that marketing your business is more important than some ever believed.

Now, of course marketing has always been important, as it is how you market your business that determines who sees it and the customers you get from your hard work. So, here are five top tips to marketing your business in 2021!

1. Spread the love around

Even though there are millions of daily users on Facebook or Instagram, it is also true that not everyone who is on Facebook, uses Instagram and vice versa. So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

When marketing your business, it is important to utilise the various platforms available to you and your business, there is a whole host of social media platforms to use, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and the list truly does go on and on… But it is important to know who and where your customers might be found and where it’s best to spend your time.

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Obviously – No one has time for all of these…

2. Know your audience

Ok, so you might think this is a no brainer… But it is so important to know who your ideal customer is, who are you aiming your product or service at? Who do you think will buy from you? Where are these people to be found?

All incredibly important when marketing your business, because if you don’t know who your ideal customer is or where you can find them; then how do you promote your products to them? Sit down, grab a piece of paper, and list the people who might be interested in the thing you are selling. Then think, where do this folk hang out?

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3. Customer service is not dead!

It is more important than ever to be kind, friendly and understanding to your customers. Good customer service, how you treat your customers, before, during and after a sale goes a long way!

Word of mouth is a strong marketing tool, make sure the words your customers are sharing about your business, truly reflect the message you want to share. Do not let a bad situation put a damper on your whole business. Because, equally as important as those happy customers, are the not so happy ones too… (In other words, let’s not negatively retaliate to bad feedback!!)

Four people holding speech bubble shaped card depicting their opinions of something.

Everyone has an opinion…

4. Make sure your marketing message is concise

It is so easy to over share, telling someone every single element of you, your product, or your service… Quite frankly, this can have the opposite outcome from what you had hoped.

When posting on social media or sending out a press release, it is important to keep to the point, stay focused on the topic at hand and keep your messaging concise. No one will read an essay that has been posted to your social media – People simply don’t have time!

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A laptop with notepads on a desk with a brainstorming plan for marketing.
Plan it out!

5. Finally, and arguably most important, stay constant!

Sometimes it may feel like you are speaking to a brick wall. However, if you have completed and planned out steps 1 through 4, then step 5 should be easy!

Keeping a constant marketing message, shouting from the ramparts is incredibly important. Some of us have been there, posting on social media once in a blue moon and expecting people to see it or engage with the post. We must keep going, keep posting regularly through the week. Keep sending out those blogs, those press releases, those messages to customers. It will all help to keep your message out there in front of your customers.

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Just keep swimming…

Marketing can be easy, but as with everything in life – There’s some really difficult times too. It’s important to know, there are people out there who can help you. If you ever feel stuck with making a marketing plan, posting to your social media, knowing what to write and when to share it… There are people, agencies who can help.

If you do go to a marketing agency, make sure you take a look around, don’t settle with the first one you find. Find a match for you and your business, after all – Whomever you go with will be helping to make your message and helping to share it to your audience.

Kai Davis.