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How do I use emojis on my business social media?

Emoji faces on a mobile phone, how can emojis be used on your business social media.

From smiley faces to thumbs up or even down, from monkeys to boats, the use of emojis is endless. The only issue is, how do you use emojis for your business’ social media accounts? It’s important to stand out but equally, you don’t want to ‘dumb down’ your message or make it too silly.

It’s easy to use emojis across most social media platforms; LinkedIn is a different kettle of fish though as it doesn’t always allow them to be used in your posts when copied from other platforms. So, let’s focus on the more free-spirited social accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

You can add emojis using the smiley face icon at the bottom of your text box when typing a post on your desktop computer. You might find it a little easier to use emojis when typing a post from your mobile though as it tends to be easier to interface with the emoji options.

(I never thought I would type the words “interface with the emoji options” before…)

Using your phone to include emojis in your business social media posts can be a little easier than typing on a desktop computer.

Emojis you might not have known existed –

With the huge range of emojis on offer, there really is something for most business sectors. Did you know there was a whole section just for flags?!

  • Aliens, robots, and clowns.
  • Busby’s, fire fighters, and teachers.
  •  Bagger, peacock, flamingo’s or trees.
  • Food and drinks, aubergine anyone?
  • Cycling, fencing or juggling.
  • Parachuting, traffic lights or petrol stations.
  • Floppy disk, Hammer, TNT!
  • Love hearts and symbols.
  • Numbers and arrows…

The list goes on and on!! But, how do you use them without looking a little silly? You can use emojis in a number of ways, to bullet point your main services, to highlight your title or to point out your website link, phone number or email address. Keep it simple, don’t go mad and take some time to see how the emoji can work within the message you are trying to share.

Using an emoji to make your social media content *Pop!!* will help you to stand out from the crowd. But, overdoing it can detract from your message and put people off.

We hope that helps you to use emojis within your business content writing… Just keep it simple, check out our Facebook page to see how we use emojis to make our posts stand out from the crowd in an appealing way. Click here.

Thanks for reading!

Kai Davis.