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Social Media

Here at Lentil Marketing – We like to be upfront & clear with our pricing and services. So, suppose you are looking for social media management. In that case, content creation, social media reporting or you’re looking for the complete package, including setting up new accounts – We have a price and service to cover your needs.

Social Media Management


Our Essentials package is a great place for small businesses to start from - Offering you the basics of social media creation and management.
£ 99
  • 1 Account
  • 3 Posts per week
  • Basic social engagement

Plus Package

For something a little extra. With additional management options and more content for your social media accounts.
£ 199
  • 2 Accounts
  • x4 Posts per week
  • x4 Stories per month
  • x30 Min consulting per month
  • Insights report every quarter
  • Additional social engagement

Pro* Package

The ultimate package, covering your social media needs for daily content and top level support.
£ 350
  • 2 Accounts
  • Daily social posts
  • x8 Stories per month
  • x1hr consulting per month
  • Insights report every month
  • Top level social media engagement

Please note – The above pricing has been set for our local, Isle of Wight customers. We’re very happy to work with Mainland businesses, however we have a different pricing structure to take into account any potential travel or additional requirements. Click here for our Mainland UK pricing options.

Additional Social Media Services

Not on social media? Why not!?

If you’re not using social media to market your business, brand, product, or service – I have one question… Why?!?!

Social media offers unlimited and unrivalled marketing potential. With more and more people using social media every day, it’s well worth a try! It’s also important to consider where you go first… With so many different types of social media account, from Facebook to Instagram, Google My Business to LinkedIn, how do you know which account will work best for you and your business?

In reality, the more you are present online, the better. But – It comes down to your time, budget, and skill level.

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