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How often should I be posting to social media?

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Now, there’s a loaded question – How often should I be posting to my business social media accounts? Let us walk you through some ideas to help you decide the best course to take when posting content to your social media.

Firstly, it is important to know what exactly is ‘content’? How do I use it for my business? Finally, where do I find it?! Well, in short – Content is anything that can be used to promote your business, content can be direct or in-direct. From a photo behind the scenes to a flash sale. (If you want to know more, check out our blog – “What is content and how can it improve my social media feed?”)

So, now we know what we can post, how do we work out when and how often to post? This isn’t easy and it’s probably what caused you to start reading this blog after searching on Google to find the answer.

There is a fine line between posting too little and too much. Finding the balance for your business is vital. We have all heard the term ‘Facebook algorithms.’ An algorithm is the techy word to describe how a computer system works, it’s codes and orders. All social media platforms have them and they determine who sees your content, when and how often.

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Planning your content is important… You don’t want to over post and you also don’t want to be left behind!

Posting too little on social media.

Posting too little on social media can have a negative affect on your standing within the platform’s algorithms. If you post once in a blue moon, then platforms such as Facebook will deem your account as ‘less interesting’ or ‘less relevant.’

Sadly, if they do this, It will push your page down the rankings and less people will see your latest content, less people will engage with your business and it will be more difficult to sell your product.

Posting too often on social media.  

Unless you are an A List celebrity, news company, or trending TV program, posting too often to your social media can in fact be just as bad as not posting enough… Sometimes, worse!

If you have a moderate following on social media, say a few hundred followers then posting daily or even multiple times each day can make people grow tired of seeing your content. If people are seeing you a little too often, they might unfollow your page or report it as spam!

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Open up a Word document, write down some ideas and see what your friends and family think before posting to social media.

Told you it wasn’t that simple – Ok, so how often should you post to social media?

So we cannot post too much or too little… I told you it was not a simple answer. Posting to social media is important, keeping your followers informed, engaged, and entertained is your number one priority. Planning, keeping your content fresh, new, and relevant to you, your brand and the business will help you to determine what is right for your followers.

The more relevant the content, the more engagement from your followers, the more you work at improving your ranking within the dreaded Now, algorithms! Our advice is to post 3-4 times a week for a small to medium brand.

As your following grows, and as more people engage with your content, you can increase the number of posts you share. The idea is to be constant, keep that message strong, keep it coming and you will grow an audience who engage with you and help to build and market your brand for you. I hope we’ve managed to answer your questions on just how often you should be posting to your business social media accounts. Good luck!

Kai Davis.