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How do I keep my marketing concise and to the point?

Marketing brainstorm with a laptop and notepads.

Keeping your marketing concise and on topic is particularly important because, focusing on your core message will help to achieve your overall goals for your business much quicker. Make sure your social media messages are concise, to the point and on topic!

Why should I keep my marketing message concise?

Think of it this way… We as human beings get bored, very quickly! If you waffle on in your social media posts, or your messaging is confusing and longwinded – Your audience are less likely to read it.

You want your potential customers to know exactly what you are trying to promote, where they can buy it and why they should buy it from you rather than someone else. Keeping your message concise, makes it easy for your customers to buy your product.

How do I keep my marketing concise?

Depending on where your message is being seen, you can achieve an on topic, hard hitting and to the point message in several ways.

Social media

Format your posts! It is important to keep your posts on social media structured, this helps to keep a message concise and easy to read.

Remember the following and you’ll do fine – 1) Header. 2) Catchy intro message. 3) Core message. 4) Call to action, contact details. 5) Hashtags! Keeping to this structure will help to keep your message concise!

Check out our – How to format a social media post blog.

In the press

Whether you hire someone to write your press release or you do it yourself… Planning ahead of time will help to make sure you include the relevant information. Think back to your good old school days and keep to a structure just like on social media. Create a title that will get people reading, entice them with an intro and then add some body text (keep it short.) Always add a ‘call to action’ and then add any extra information such as credit or links.

So, it boils down to two simple points – Planning and Structure. Get these two sorted and your marketing and social media will be concise and will make it easier than easy for your audience to follow.

Job done!

Kai Davis.