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The Importance of Being Nice – Negative Reviews

The Importance of being nice in business...

We’ve all been there right, you open your emails and you see that you’ve received a new review for your business – Exciting! So, you click to open it, only to find it’s less than flattering and maybe a little inaccurate. Now, your urges may tell you to scream and shout and become the ultimate keyboard warrior… However, it really does pay to be NICE! This is the importance of being nice in business (especially when you don’t want to be!)

So, yes we know – Even considering ‘being nice’ when someone is leaving you a negative review and potentially being a little mean whilst they do it… Well, is probilbly the last thing on your mind when it comes to replying to that nasty review.

But, it is incredibly important, not only for you but for your business to restrain the urges to say the first thing that comes to mind! Why? Well, let’s take a look at a few potential issues that could come from being too honest in your replies.

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What might happen -

Firstly, we must remember that the internet is a public forum. The internet is open to all and whatever you post, will be seen by all. Yes, including potential customers looking at your reviews to make sure you are the business or service for them. Imagine looking at reviews for a service that you wish to use yourself. You don’t just look at the reviews, you look at the responses too!

So, if that business replies in a negative way or resorts to name-calling – You’re not likely to see them as a friendly and open business to do… Well, business with!

Negative replies to reviews -

It’s not just about how you reply to a review – It’s also important not to ignore those reviews (good or bad.) Build a rapour with customers, no matter if they leave you a good or bad review. This inturn opens you up to future customers seeing that you are actually a nice person/business to support. (Yes we know, we still may be having those urges to become a keyboard warrior, but just keep reading!)

  • Ignoring a review could be as bad as replying negativly.
  • Replying in a negative way, can fuel the negative reviewer to take further, more public action against your business.
  • Two wrongs, don’t make a right. If you are seen being as negative as the reviewer, any potntial future customers could see that and make their own minds up to who’s in the wrong.

The important friendly stuff!

The importance of being nice...

Ok… So, take a deeeeep breath. It’s time to consider how to be nice to negative reviews – This can also be used on comments or messages from customers.

  1. Breathe – First off, take a moment. You’ve read the nasty comment or review, now to consider your reply. DO NOT reply yet!
  2. Research – Make sure you know who the customer is, what they bought from you or the service they used. Look at any previous emails or messages between you and them.
  3. Plan – Now that you know who they are, their history with you and you’re sure what the issue is… It’s now time to plan your response. Write it down, plan it out and make sure you cover the details.  We’ll help with what details you need to include (below.)
  4. Compose – Compose your professional, polite, and informed response to the review, message or comment. Make sure you remain calm and considerate. No pointing of fingers or blame. Make sure you shine and come across as the bigger person for anyone seeing this in the future.
  5. Invite – Invite the reviewer to contact you with more information on their complaint or a consideration on how to compensate (if applicable) for any issues they have encountered.
  6. Closing – If you are able to come to a mutual agreement and the customer leave happier than when they left the review – If your review software allows you to follow up, add a comment to say – “Very pleased that we were able to fix your issue directly. Kind regards …. Enter business name here.” This shows people that you’ve solved any issue that was raised in the review.

What should you include in your reply?

  • Always include the line “We’re sorry that you have had a negative experience, let’s see if we can fix this for you.” This starts you off on the right foot, straight away.
  • Respond to their complaints – “Ok, so we see that your item didn’t arrive as it should have done. We can see that a replacement is on the way.” This puts the customer at ease and lets anyone viewing the conversation know that you have already started the process to rectify any issues the customer has.
  • Direct come back – Include your contact details and ask the reviewer to get in touch with you directly. This allows you to then close the complaint under your own terms, and not so publicly.
  • Finish off with a positive closing message – “Thank you again for taking your time to review our service, we hope that we have been able to fix the issues you have encountered and we look forward to serving you again soon.” Again, you may not feel this is true, you may not wish them to ever be a customer again – But, never burn those bridges, allow them the choice and stay positive. They might become your biggest customer one day! (Maybe…)

Is this even marketing??

Yes – In short, this all comes under the marketing banner. Why? Well, marketing takes in every aspect of the public’s view or opinion on your business, service, or product. How you come across to customers past, present, and future is literally the reason marketing was invented. Positive customer experience leads to positive reviews and comments – This in turn helps you to gain new customers via word of mouth and positive reviews.

What other aspects does ‘Marketing’ cover? Read here for more.

Thank you for reading this blog on just how important it is to be nice – Focusing on replying to reviews, comments, and messages. Just remember if you receive a negative review from a customer – Breath! Take your time to reply but do reply! Check out more from us, here.