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Marketing my Business – Why?

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Why do we need to ‘Market’ our business anyway? You may feel that you’re ‘perfect’ product or service will sell itself and that you can sit back and relax while the sales come rolling in… Marketing your business can come across in many ways, sometimes, you might not even know you’re already doing it, but WHY do you have to market your business? The first of our ‘mini-blogs’ explains – Why.

Think of it this way… You make something, that something is pretty awesome and it can change people’s lives or make their lives easier in some way; but you don’t tell anyone about it… So, you made this amazing thing and now you’re going to sit on the sofa waiting for sales to come in. Wait a second, it’s been a month and NO sales???

If you don’t tell anyone about your business, then how will you get any sales or any clients for that matter? Well… Guess what… That is – Marketing!

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Marketing is simply, telling people about your product or service and you can tell people about that in a million different ways!

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So, we’ve figured out WHY we have to market, just think about it like this – You have this one amazing thing that you can do really well, tell the world about it, shout about it from the rooftops and make other people as excited about that one thing as you are!

Marketing is simply the action of you telling or showing someone what you can do, sell, make or change… So, get out there and tell the world!

Kai Davis,

Lentil Marketing.