Lentil Marketing

The Year of the Lentil.

Sometimes in life as well as business, things get thrown your way that test you and your resolve… It’s time to ‘Trust your struggle’ keep going and be strong! What should you do if things aren’t going to plan with your current business structure?

Founder Kai Davis talking with Carole from Jigsaw Training & Maggie of Magpie Arts CIC – Two clients of ours at Lentil Marketing.

Locate the Problem…

Toward the end of 2019, my first business, The Local Directory was struggling; taking on too much all at once and becoming overwhelmed as well as making a few bad choices along the way.

At its core, the idea and ethos were solid… Sadly, simply having good intentions isn’t enough. Something wasn’t working and it needed to be sorted – Fast!

With the help of others – Encouragement to keep going and the support of the local business community, it was time for a change of direction and a refocus! Matt from Nosy Design, now Marketing was a huge help for my own personal story… He allowed me to see that focus was important and not to be afraid of change.

“Never be afraid of change – Change brings new opportunities, new possibilities and new adventures…”

Kai Davis.


At the start of November 2019, a seed was planted and a plan began to form…

Sometimes all it takes is to focus on what you’re good at, don’t try to do too much too soon. Before I was trying to do it all, now I do what I’m good at and utilise the skills of others to increase the overall offering. Change in business is GOOD, staying the same despite what’s thrown at you, shows that you’re simply not learning from your journey… Yet.

Don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board, ask friends, colleagues business advisors for help – Asking for help, is NOT a sign of weakness – It takes a wise person to admit they need help.

Change can come in all shapes and sizes, from simply changing your direction or to a complete re-brand or rename of your business… Just make sure you keep your clients close and explain your changing journey to them so that they keep their confidence in you. You may need to lose a few of your clients or business practices in this process, but that’s OK. Being focused on what you can do well will help your business to thrive.

The Lentil…

Going from old to new – Lentil Marketing was a BIG change for me, losing some of the services I wanted to offer and focusing on those I did well. Strangely, this name change, change of direction and focus lead to an influx of new clients and because of the new business model, I also increased my pricing to match the work that I was putting in – So, the new business really did crash into 2020 with a bang!

Graeme Preston & Kai Davis standing outside of the ETL Electrical Solutions office.

Lentil Marketing became the caring, friendly business I had sought to create, way back in 2016 with the launch of The Local Directory. Lentil has taken the best bits of the old and moulded them into something more!

We now look toward a brighter future – Working with other businesses and skilled people to provide more great services from one brand and under one umbrella rather than trying to be good at everything, we’ve sought out those who are awesome at the things they do and pulled them together.

2020 – It may be a rocky year for the world, but it holds a bright start for this new-look business… Proving that change is good and you really do need to trust your struggle, fight for what you want and achieve your goals through hard work and grit!

Kai and his family – Jo & Riley.

Good luck – Trust your struggle!

Kai Davis,

Lentil Marketing.