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Is marketing still important during a crisis?

The question that might be at the back of most business owners’ minds right now… It’s a firm YES from us!

Marketing your business or brand is ALWAYS important but maybe even more so during a crisis like the current Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world at the moment. 

Think about it, people will still be using their social media and online search during the crisis, they’ll potentially be planning for things to do, buy or places to go once this is all over. If you go quiet, your social media or website could easily drop down the ratings or SEO rankings in no time and could cost you future trade!

Of course, how you market your business should evolve to suit the situation or climate so that you’re not seen as being insensitive.  How do you positively market your business without appearing to take advantage of the situation? You could offer your services for a dramatically reduced rate or even for free to offer help to your audience. Help share news or updates on the situation to your followers, so they see you as a ‘go to’ platform for information. Lastly, include the crisis in your marketing, update your followers on your steps that you are taking as a business and of course, where possible, be positive and ‘look to the future.’ 

So, we of course would fully recommend keeping on top of your marketing, keep it fluid and ever-changing for the crisis that you find yourself dealing with and stay positive – Negative marketing is bad marketing! 

Kai Davis

Lentil Marketing.