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How to cope with Mental Health during Covid-19

Have the added stresses in life started to affect your mental health? Whatever the crisis or emergency, the extra emotions, stress and worry can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing.

Is it the money worries, job security, intense news coverage, health complications, family pressures… or any number of extra weights on our shoulders? Whatever it may be, there’s some great ways to fight through it all and stay healthy.

Five top tips to fighting stress during the Coronavirus pandemic. 


  • Stay in touch – We may find ourselves in strange situations with all this self-isolating and ‘social distancing,’ but keeping in contact with your friends, family and loved ones is easier than ever with modern technology! Using Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype or a whole range of other video and messenger platforms, you can still stay in contact, from a simple chat to keeping up to date with work or school! Talking with your loved ones or work colleagues and keeping some sense of normality is a great way to keep on top of your mental health. 
  • Staying active – Being restricted to one outing for exercise a day may seem like it’s simply not enough… but this doesn’t stop you from staying active within your own home! Make the most of your fresh air walks or cycle rides outside but take part in virtual exercise groups online such as the ‘Chris Hemsworth’ AKA Thor workout – https://centr.com/join-us 
  • Take some time out – If you’re now finding yourself working from home or your business has been forced to close during the lockdown, don’t feel that you have to continue with your normal work hours. Use the lockdown as a reason to spend more time with your family and loved ones. Your clients will most likely be doing the same, so don’t feel you need to keep up with your normal routine! (Link in other editorial “Things to do with your business while in lockdown.”
  • Meditate and chill – Meditating may seem a little much for some of us… But, even if it’s simply taking a 5-minute breather, that’s technically meditation and it’s a great way to take a moment for yourself and help keep stress at arm’s length. Why not check out Headspace, they’re one of many fantastic meditation apps that can help you through everyday troubles. https://www.headspace.com/
  • Time to chill with a film – Why not chillout with the family, kick back and relax, catch up on your favourite TV shows or discover a new series… or, like many others, take advantage of the fantastic new Disney+ streaming service. Some of our childhood favs along with some newbies too! www.disneyplus.com

These are just some of our suggestions, but of course there’s a million and one ways to combat stress and stay on top of your mental health. If you need extra support, there’s a huge range of services that you could try… The most important thing is to talk about your mental health, be open ask for help! Here is a list of services that might be of use to you.